Jeffrey M Beck - Production Designer . Art Director . Set Designer - 3224 Purdue Avenue, Los Angeles, California 90066


Feature Films

Avatar 2 & 3
Production Designers: Ben Procter & Dylan Cole, Sup. Art Director: Luke Freeborn

Guardians of the Galaxy V2
Production Designer: Ramsey Avery

The Do Over – Happy Madison / Netflix

I Hate You Dad – Happy Madison

Final Destination 4 – New Line Cinema

Asylum – Mad Scientist, Inc.

Shaggy Dog – Disney

The Longest Yard – Paramount Pictures

A Lot Like Love – Mile High Productions / Beacon Pictures

Terminal – Dreamworks

Polar Express – Castle Rock Pictures

Anger Management – Anger Management Productions / Revolution Studios

End of Days – Lucifilms, Inc. / Beacon Communications

Television & Pilots

Production Designer: Chloe Arbiture 
Art Director: Jonathan Bell

Made For Love: Paramount / HBO Max
Production Designer: Charlie Lagola

Promised Land: Disney / ABC
Production Designer:
Jordan Ferrer

American Horror Story
Season 9
Season 10: Belle’s, Gardener & Muse               
Production Designer: Chloe Aribiture
Art Director: Jonathan Bell

Production Designer: Tyler Robinson
Art Director Eric Schoonover

Production Designer: Ken Hardy
Art Director: Gina Cranham

The Leftovers – Warner Brothers / HBO

Ground Floor – Warner Brothers / TBS

Undateable – Warner Brothers / NBC

Goodwin Games – Fox

The Unprofessional Pilot – Warner Brothers

LadyFriends Pilot – Warner Brothers

Kari Lizer Pilot – Warner Brothers

Are You There Chelsea – Warner Brothers

Lost And Found Warner Brothers

United States of Tara– Steven Spielberg, Showtime

Raising the BAR– Bochco Media, TNT, ABC Studios

Samantha Who? — ABC Studios

Californication – Showtime Pictures

The New Adventures of Old Christine – Warner Brothers

Journeyman – 20th Century Fox Television

Better with You – Warner Brothers

The Office – NBC Universal

Miscellaneous Projects

Seinfeld DVD – Sony Studios

Hanes Underwear Commercial Jack in The Box – Jet Sets

Hewlett Packard – Jet Sets

Warner Brothers Movie World Theme Park Madrid Spain – Warner Brothers

Disney Quest Themed Arcades – Walt Disney Imagineering

Hollywood Entertainment Museum – The Last Design Company

The Journey Museum – Barry Howard Limited


ADG Nomination: Avatar: The Way of the Water 2022

Emmy Nomination: Barry 2018

ADG Nomination: Undateable 2015

Emmy Nomination: The New Adventures of Old Christine 2008,2009 & 2010

ADG Nomination: The New Adventures of Old Christine 2007

Jeffrey M Beck – – 3224 Purdue Avenue, Los Angeles, California 90066

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